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February 20 - March 13, 2019

Seashells & Safaris

Perth to Cape Town

The Six-Star Crystal Serenity

Join Roberta and Arnold Salob on this memorable cruise!

From the bustling scene in Perth to the splendors of the exciting spots in South Africa, you will savor the vibrancy of these unique ports of call. Savor the tranquility of days at sea as you follow the Calms of Capricorn across the Indian Ocean to discover the iconic wonder of Cape Town's Table Mountain.

All this, plus Roberta and Arnold's exciting bridge program!

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February 20

Fremantle/Perth, Australia

February 21

Cruising the Indian Ocean - through February 27

February 28

Mauritius/Port Louis, Republic of Mauritius

March 01

St-Denis, Réunion, France

March 02

Cruising the Indian Ocean

March 03

Taolanaro, Madagascar

March 04

Cruising the Indian Ocean - through March 5

March 06

Maputo, Mozambique

March 07

Richards Bay, South Africa

March 08

Durban, South Africa

March 09

Cruising the Coast of South Africa

March 10

Port Elizabeth, South Africa

March 11

Cape Town, South Africa (overnight)

March 12

Cape Town, South Africa (overnight)

March 13

Cape Town, South Africa (overnight)

February 20 - Fremantle/Perth, Australia

Depart 6 PM

Fremantle has welcomed seafarers from around the world for over 150 years. This distinguished port city lies at the mouth of the Swan River and is Western Australia's leading harbor. During the America's Cup Yacht Race of 1986/87, it underwent a dramatic facelift and was transformed into a restored and revitalized mecca of cafés, restaurants, bars and beautiful Federation-style buildings.

Just 12 miles north lies Perth, Fremantle's sister city. This thriving capital billows with an infectious sense of energy and confidence. Its scenic riverside setting is enhanced by splendid parks, restaurants, beaches, galleries, museums and a wonderful Mediterranean-like climate.

February 21 - Cruising the Indian Ocean - through February 27

February 28 - Mauritius/Port Louis, Republic of Mauritius

8 AM to 9 PM

In the Indian Ocean, off the east coast of Africa, 560 miles from Madagascar, the island nation of Mauritius is easy to pinpoint, but difficult to describe. A wild outpost until the 17th century, the island has been ruled by the Dutch, French and British, gaining its independence from the latter in 1968. Languages spoken: French, English and a local form of Creole. Religions practiced: Hinduism, Christianity and Islam. Climate: tropical. Landscape: "heaven," at least as described by Mark Twain and the island's many visitors. Being one of them, you may enjoy outdoor activities such as swimming in coral-reef-laced waters and deep-sea fishing, and partake in culinary delights that mix the distinct flavors of Mauritius's varied cultures.

March 01 - St-Denis, Réunion, France

8 AM to 6 PM

The island of Réunion could be considered the south-south of France, as it is situated in the Indian Ocean, just east of Madagascar. Indeed, while not geographically contiguous with France, the island is officially a French overseas region and department, even using the Euro as legal tender. Hints of the island's French connection are everywhere, from the names of its towns St-Pierre, St-Benoit, St-Leuc to its language overall, to its quaint bistros and Creole character. The scenery, however, is pure tropical paradise. Waterfalls tumble from high, volcanic cliffs, banana trees and bamboo grow in lush profusion, and vanilla plantations and rum distilleries are an integral part of local trade and culture.

March 02 - Cruising the Indian Ocean

March 03 - Taolanaro, Madagascar

7 AM to 6 PM

Founded by the French East India Company in 1643, Taolanaro (or Taolagnaro) is also known as Fort Dauphin, the name originally given to the settlement to honor the six-year-old crown prince of France, who would later become the “Sun King,— Louis XIV. What was once a small French colony is now a gateway to the Madagascar’s famed semi-tropical landscapes, beautiful beaches and surfer’s paradise of an ocean. Several ecotourism destinations reflect the locals’ passion for conservation and travelers’ interest in discovering the island’s unique fauna and flora. At the Nahampoana Reserve, you can marvel at a vast species of mammals, most promiment being (most, if not all) the species of lemurs native to the southern region of Madagascar. The reserve is also home to reptiles such as chameleons, tortoises, crocodiles to name a few, plus a wide variety of birds.

March 04 - Cruising the Indian Ocean - through March 5

March 06 - Maputo, Mozambique

7 AM to 5 PM

Wildlife comes in a couple of different forms here: the disco, and the animals. The former can be found in one of the many restaurants and hotels that not only serve exquisite food, but also satisfy visitors' cravings for dancing into the wee-hours. To the south of town is the Maputo Elephant Reserve, where crocodiles, hippos, jackals, antelope and nearly two hundred elephants roam over thousands of acres of rolling, green hills. The region's history can also be divided into two categories: times of war, and times of peace. Through much of the seventies and eighties, civil war raged, leaving Maputo a shadow of its once glorious self. But prepare to be impressed. The city has since reinvented itself, polishing its neighborhoods and image to a high shine, thus bringing back the rich and famous for stays in Maputo's five-star accommodations, and enticing anyone who enjoys gorgeous beaches and friendly people.

March 07 - Richards Bay, South Africa

7 AM to 9 PM

Situated on the southeast coast of Africa just north of Durban, this KwaZulu-Natal city takes full advantage of its diverse resources and reveals a pride in its recent industrial development and expansion. A bustling business center with modern facilities synergistically coexists with a lagoon setting, giving travelers a range of interesting sights and experiences from which to choose. Perhaps most popular is the Richards Bay Game Reserve, an area established to protect lagoon animals and give visitors the opportunity to see some of South Africa’s most fascinating creatures. Hippos and crocodiles make their home here, along with an amazing variety of birds. In fact, 300 species have been recorded in these habitats, including flamingos, cormorants and the rare pink-backed pelican.

March 08 - Durban, South Africa

7 AM to 9 PM

With a subtropical climate and golden beaches lining its shores, Durban is one of South Africa's most popular holiday destinations. It embodies an intriguing blend of Eastern, Western and African influences. Along the palm-fringed beachfront, Zulu women sell beads and baskets while colorful rickshaw pullers pose for photographs. Just minutes away from the office blocks, theaters and shops of the business center, is a world of mosques, temples oriental festivals and bazaars, fragrant with spice and incense. The city's cosmopolitan charm even extends to its many inviting restaurants, which offer mouth-watering cuisine from around the world. Since a recent facelift, several thoroughfares have been converted into pedestrian malls complete with sidewalk cafes, shrubs and palm trees; portions of the road network have been upgraded to promote easier traffic flow; and the main beaches have been widened and enhanced with new facilities. Durban is truly the "Golden Mile" of South Africa.

March 09 - Cruising the Coast of South Africa

March 10 - Port Elizabeth, South Africa

7 AM to 6 PM

Port Elizabeth's location at the end of the Garden Route hints at what makes the town so appealing. Certainly, it has its share of cultural attractions, including the King George VI Art Gallery, which houses treasures such as 19th- and 20th-century British art and Oriental miniatures. But the real gems of the area are of the out-of-doors type. In addition to being famous for its fine beaches and mild climate, Port Elizabeth (often shortened to "PE') is considered the water sports capital of South Africa, with scuba diving, game fishing and kiteboarding being ever-popular pursuits. Wildlife is revered and closely observable at numerous eco-centered attractions, including the Oceanarium, showcasing daily dolphin and seal shows, and the Snake Park & Tropical House, home to exotic and indigenous snakes and featuring streams, waterfalls and free-flying birds. The area outside of town offers exciting game-viewing opportunities, with the Addo Elephant Park being a particular highlight.

March 11 - Cape Town, South Africa (overnight)

7 AM to 12 Midnight

March 12 - Cape Town, South Africa (overnight)

12 Midnight

March 13 - Cape Town, South Africa (overnight)

Disembark PM


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