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Bridge Holidays

What People Say

Just Don't Take Our Word for it...

I have been playing bridge for 15 years and after being exposed to your bridge program, I realize I have been playing wrong the whole time. This adventure has been a "game changer"!
Jack F.

Silvana and Rich are incredible! Silvana is the smartest and kindest person I know and Rich has a great sense of humor. What fun we had!
Carrie C.

I had the best time. You are so wonderful. I loved your teaching, your arranging, your joke telling, your "never get ruffled" manner. We had the best dinner table. Thank you, thank you!

Thank you for being the most thoughtful, caring and professional travel agents in the entire world! Everything you did was sheer perfection, including the wonderful bridge lessons and games.

You two never fail to amaze me with all you do on a cruise! Do you ever sleep? You are two of the most delightful people I have ever met. We had a great time.
Bill and Shirley

What a lovely piece of our life you have given us. Every detail was so fine and well-planned by you. We could not have asked for more. All was fabulous!
Anne and Robert

How am I able to thank you enough for the most enjoyable time ever at the bridge table? I now feel so much more enlightened, and you made it such fun.

Well, how does one really write a note such as this and expect to find the words, the expressions and the love that is intended? What a trip! What bridge lessons! What nice people! What fun! What wonderful memories! What attention to detail! What an asset to Crystal Cruises! What a gift in selecting table companions! You really are the greatest!

When we first boarded the ship someone began to describe the many virtues of you two. It was so flowery, that I thought that you had 'quite a marketing department.' She just could not say enough! Now, we know why! She barely touched the tip of compliments!

And so, we want to say thank you for convincing Jeff that cruising is fun and there is life on Crystal. Thank you for making such a believer of him that he is planning the next one, after saying he would NEVER cruise again! Thank you for opening our eyes to become better bridge players. Thank you most of all for the joy we shared with mankind and new friends and wonderful table companions! They were the greatest! You two made our hearts sing! We'll see you soon…
Jeff and Kay

Cruising on Crystal is fabulous, but you two make it 'magical'! Your teamwork is second to none, whether taking photos, teaching, directing, listening… you are both there. The warmth, enthusiasm and care shown by you both make us so thankful to be sailing again.
David and Marjorie

We had such a wonderful time in South America and really enjoyed meeting you both. Though we weren't bridge players, being a part of your bridge group made it a more personal experience. Your enthusiasm was contagious, and your knowledge of the excursions and cruising in general was tremendously helpful.
Lynn and David

Thank you for arranging such a fabulous cruise for us. Your attention for detail in planning the trip as well as the excellent bridge lessons, made the experience very memorable. From the bridge instruction to the table assignments and the side trips, you worked tirelessly so that no one had to think about the details. It was a pleasure getting to know you; your sense of humor made it fun to learn new ways of approaching the game of bridge.
Barbara and Ted

Your ears must be burning with us telling everyone how great the cruise was, how incredibly smart, talented and caring you both are, and soooooooo much fun to be with!!!
Carol and Mark

We have seen places in the world we never would have seen without your cruise - fabulous! - and we have traveled far in the bridge world with you as the captains. When we were greeted by Arnold's big smile, and called by name, we knew we were setting out on a once-in-a-lifetime experience with you. The warmth of that first day continued throughout the entire cruise! We have seen many teachers 'on stage', but the humor built into your level of expertise in teaching is second to none.
Marjorie and David

Thank you for one more fabulous trip.You both make it all so marvelous for us and we enjoy each one more than ever. You two are such a joy. We love your company and wish that we lived in the same country. If we did, I would be at every class you give.
Mary - London, England

All I can say is that you two are wonderful people. I never enjoyed a vacation as much as this cruise and most of it is due to both of you. If I were able to, I would go on every cruise you offer.

Bob and I had a great time on the North Cape trip – Roberta, you are just amazing!
Carol and Bob

You are a true Diamond who has stolen our Hearts. We are delighted to be in your Club, and you can quote that in Spades.
Margo, Michael, Janet and Charlie

How can we thank you for creating so many great memories of our Fall cruise with you? The biggest memory will be just having had the opportunity to have been in your company that can only be described as bigger than life, more energetic than a boatload of power bars, and full of love.
Pete and Sue

Bobby and I had the most wonderful time cruising through the Panama Canal with you. You made a wonderful trip exceptional. We came home and told everyone the only way to go (and we will look forward to going again) is with you. We loved every minute. The people we met, the food we ate, the service we had, the ship itself... thank you again and again for being who you are!

The party's over, but the memories of our fabulous cruise definitely linger on! You two made our vacation the best we've ever had on the high seas. We loved being part of your group, we love you both… the cruise with you was everything you promised and more.
Carol and Pat

Dave and I want you to know how much we enjoyed cruising with the two of you. Little did we know, when I phoned your 1-800 phone number last August that we would have an unforgettable experience bridging and sightseeing in the company of two special people.
Nora and Dave

We just have to thank you for all the very special touches, both large and small, that made being on this trip so wonderful. Your attention to every detail and everyone's well-being is amazing. You made this the best vacation we've ever had.
Hallie and Harold

Great cruise, great people, and great bridge. I learned so much and I came home with a renewed committment to study, practice and pursue.

You are absolutely the best: bridge-wise, personality, and directors. You are so protective of our flock. I just wish we had you out here in San Francisco. It was a marvelous cruise, which I enjoyed thoroughly. Thank you for making it an indelible happy memory for me. There's no one better than the two of you, no kidding.

While my wife is an avid bridge player who thoroughly enjoys the superb bridge lessons and directorship of Roberta and Arnold at the table, as a non-player I must tell you that in all my years of travelling all around the world, I have never encountered such warm, caring, generous and downright 'fun to be around' as I have experienced with Bridge Holidays. Don't play bridge? So what... they will steer you through an absolutely care-free experience, and you will truly regret the time when your cruise comes to its end, and like me, quickly look to sign up for the next time around with Roberta and Arnold. You are treated by the Bridge Holidays crew just like family, because in their minds, and as clearly demonstrated by the way they took care of us, we ARE family!

Roberta and Arnold Salob Silvana and Rich Morici